• Jakarta, the capital of Indonesia, is known as the business center of various industries from Taiwan. Due to the increasing investment from Taiwan, there was a need to offer the children of those investors a complete and ideal school to provide Kindergarten to High School ages appropriate education in their mother language. Thus enabling the students to continue with the Taiwanese Curriculum easily whenever they returned to Taiwan. With the efforts of the Taipei Economic and Trade Office in Indonesia, Jakarta Taipei School was founded in 1991.



    Establishment of JTS based on decree dated 23 May 1991 issued by the Indonesian Ministry of Education and Culture, the Republic of Indonesia and decree dated 10 January 1992 issued by the Overseas Chinese Association. On 5 August 2002 through a decree issued by the Indonesian Ministry of Education and Culture, JTS became Jakarta Taipei International School and began to accept students of all nationalities.





    Jakarta Taipei International School (JTS) is an experimental school for boys and girls from kindergarten up to senior high school.


    JTIS is a multilingual experimental school. As a necessity of the overseas multicultural environment, besides Chinese language, English is taught from kindergarten and Indonesian, as the third language is introduced in elementary and studied until senior high school.


    JTIS is the overseas school for Taiwanese children in Indonesia as well as for other nationalities who have an interest in learning Chinese language and culture.

    This school has become the center of extension Chinese education and culture in Indonesia.


    Jakarta Taipei International School is committed to equipping our students with essential abilities in problem solving, science and lifelong learning.




    Horizon Broadening

    Through multilingual education we seek  to strengthen students perception, furnishing them with global view and open mindedness.

    Homeland Loving

    Teaching our students to embrace Indonesia, natural environment and to cultivate love for their homeland.

    Coherent Education

    A coherent education system from kindergarten to secondary education, our curriculum

    focuses on the consistency of general knowledge, e-learning as well as multilingual education.

    Refined Education

    The combination of our beautiful campus (currently being extended with state of the art kindergarten) and a curriculum  designed by our conscientious faculty ensures a true realization of refined education.


    We offer a variety of courses in fine art and literature appreciation, music, and regularly stage a drama performance in order to stimulate students' creativity and developing their sense of humanity.